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The Peninsula Newspaper was created to answer the demand of the influx of a more educated. professional class of expatriates in Qatar as a result of the country's fast paced development. The Peninsula Newspaper has since carved for itself a distinct and unique niche amongst the most discerning readers through the depth and breadth of its coverage. and by meticulously raising the bar of journalism in the country.
The Peninsula Newspaper today. besides being a major player in the market. occupies a position of prestige in Qatar's media environment in terms of credibility and influence. Its biggest share of readership is the business community and most subscribers are businessmen. Readers value it as a newspaper with an opinion, decision makers use it as a barometer for public opinion and thought leaders seek its views on matters of critical importance to society.
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The Peninsula Newspaper

Daily English newspaper by providing a balanced mix of local and international news and independent objective analysis and views on important issues. The newspaper also set new standard in terms of technical and presentation values. As time went by, the Peninsula made great strides with its high standards and earned a reputation cherished by its readers. It is now undoubtedly ranked among the most prestigious in Qatar media. The newspaper brings extensive news to their readers from their homeland through specialized pages and a team of international reporters and commentators covering political and economic affairs, sports, arts and culture